WE ARE OF ONE HEART AND MIND is both the name of our comprehensive community plan and the vision that guides it.

Our vision is central to our plan and it is captured in the symbol for "We are of One Heart and Mind", which is based on a traditional Musqueam spindle whorl.  We chose the spindle whorl because we have long been recognized for our great weaving traditions, and because this plan will function like a spindle whorl for our community.  Just as a spindle whorl helps gather and collect fibres to make a single strand of wool, our plan and the process we went through to create it pulled together the fibres of or community and our lives into one thread - the things that make us who we are, our values and ideas, our resources, the challenges we face.  This plan is about our community coming together as a strong united people. 

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UBC is seeking a Musqueam artist or Musqueam-led artist team to work closely with the project team...
Please note, the Musqueam Soccer Fields are closed due to weather until further notice. 

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