Musqueam Capital Corporation - Board of Directors


Musqueam Capital Corporation

Board of Directors

Invitation for two (2) Musqueam Band Members as Representatives  to the Board

The mandate of the Musqueam Capital Corporation (MCC) is to build a vibrant community in Musqueam through successful economic development endeavours that will reap benefits today and for many years in the future.  Musqueam Capital Corporation’s strategic goals are to generate economic growth through business attraction, retention and development, and to facilitate capability throughout the Musqueam community related to economic development.

The Board of Directors has the primary responsibility for fostering the Corporation’s short and long-term success, acts in a position of trust for the community, ensures effective governance of the organization and provides independent, effective leadership to the CEO of MCC.

The Board of Directors will be composed of 9 participants.  The Chief of Musqueam Indian Band will sit as the Chair of the Board of Directors; two Councillors will sit on the board andthe balance of the Board will be comprised of four private sector individuals (each with expertise in one of the areas of: Finance, Real Estate Development, Real Estate law, and Government enterprise). 

We are seeking two(2) Musqueam Band  members to sit on the Board of Directors.

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Have completed  post-secondary education in business or related area and/or extensive experience in a business environment
  • Working knowledge  of accounting and the ability to comprehend financial statements
  • Good communication skills, both written and verbal, to represent MCC in a positive and responsible manner
  • Past experience serving on Boards, while not essential, would be of value
  • Regularly attends board meetings


Term of Office:Two (2) years from commencement, anticipated to be mid-January.


An information package will be available upon request from Jim Ross, CEO of Musqueam Capital Corporation, and will include basic information on the Governance Model for the Corporation and the Director’s role and responsibilities.

Please forward your submissionin a resume and cover letter highlighting your qualifications as an email attachment to the attention of Jim Ross at:

The closing date for submissionsis December 21, 2012 at 4PM.