The Musqueam Community Rental Complex (MCRC) is an opportunity to address critical housing needs at Musqueam. In 2018, MIB secured funding for a multi-family affordable rental housing project. In 2019, MIB Council selected Lot 95 on Crown Place for the site location.

Historic housing opportunity

The MCRC will provide approximately 74 affordable rental units for up to 200 Musqueam members and their families. Additionally, the complex will have a childcare centre, playground and new shared community spaces.

This multi-family housing project addresses Musqueam’s Comprehensive Community Plan Objective #2: Addressing Our Housing Needs, which includes Actions 4) Build Member Housing and 5) Build Higher Density Housing. Musqueam Housing Authority, a non-profit mandated to provide safe and affordable housing for members, will own and operate the complex.

This is an historic opportunity to welcome home Musqueam members who have been living away from home for far too long, and to address the significant overcrowding in housing on and off reserve.

Latest update

The first phase of community engagement occurred in spring and summer 2019. Members attended three information sessions, providing feedback to the project team. Following that, the team had to regroup due to the loss of a key project team member.

In June, the Multi-Family Affordable Rental Housing project team released an update announcing:

Since then, the name of the project changed to Musqueam Community Rental Complex to better reflects who the project will house and how the space will be used.

Site Concept Survey | August 20 – September 7, 2020

We are still at the very beginning of this project.  The site analysis is complete, and we’ve determined the capacity for housing units on the site. In early 2020, the team developed a project vision and guiding principles, and is now working to confirm the project scope.

On August 20, the project team presented three different site concept strategies and our recommendation for the site. We asked community for feedback on the concepts, including project height and density, building amenities and how we want to represent Musqueam culture throughout the complex.

The project team hosted an online information session on September 2 to share the site concepts and answer questions for the first time since July 2019.

The survey closed on September 7, and feedback will help inform Chief and Council in deciding which project site to move forward with.

What’s next?

Once the community survey is analyzed and reported back to Chief and Council, we will move into the schematic design phase. The plan is to submit for a development permit in late fall 2020, with construction starting in spring 2021.  Members will move into their new homes in spring 2023.

We are planning for more information sessions and more resources for community members to learn about this project.

For an overview of the project, take a look at the info package sent to all member households last summer.

Stay informed