The Musqueam Community Rental Complex on Lot 95 Crown Place will provide affordable rental units for Musqueam members and their families. Additionally, the complex will have a childcare centre, playground and new community spaces.

This multi-family housing project addresses Musqueam’s Comprehensive Community Plan Objective #2: Addressing Our Housing Needs, which includes Actions 4) Build Member Housing and 5) Build Higher Density Housing.

This is an historic opportunity to welcome home Musqueam members who have been living away from home for far too long, and to address the significant overcrowding in housing on and off reserve.

We are still at the very beginning of this project. Since last summer, the team has:

Musqueam Housing Authority, a non-profit mandated to provide safe and affordable housing for members, will own and operate the Musqueam Community Rental Complex.

For an overview of the project, take a look at the info package sent to all member households last summer: Multi-Family Information Package_July 2019