Vision, Site Analysis & Guiding Principles

This page has information related to the first presentation video that accompanied the community survey that was open from August 20 – September 7, 2020.

Project Vision

The team worked closely to develop a project vision that guides the project development, including this phase of the design. The project vision to create a space for different Musqueam generations and families to live together. It reflects how Musqueam families lived together in longhouses before colonization. The project vision will be used guide and evaluate the concept design.

The project vision includes goals, such as:

    • making a welcoming place;
    • fostering community pride and culture;
    • respecting the neighbors; and
    • creating a resilient community.

Site Analysis

A site analysis was prepared at the beginning of the project. It was created by looking at the local context, Musqueam’s Comprehensive Community Plan and Land Use Plan to understand the community vision for the future. The natural systems of the site were assessed, including existing slopes, prevailing winds, and sun and shade at the site.

The site analysis also evaluated the neighbouring properties to understand how the new building with interact with existing buildings. Site setbacks were determined, which is the distance that a building must be set back from the property line. We also looked closely at existing site access; particularly how local neighbors access their homes.

This is done to preserve and enhance the neighbour’s access to their homes.

Site Guiding Principles

The site guiding principles, like the project vision, provide a guide for developing and evaluating site concept designs.

The site guiding principles are:

  • Working with the natural systems of the site
  • Respecting the neighbours
  • Improving site access for all
  • Developing appropriate density
  • Supporting childcare
  • Providing amenities for the community
  • Maximizing open space for community use


Learn about the three site concepts, and the team’s recommendation.