Musqueam COVID-19 Emergency Response

This page has information related to the global COVID-19 pandemic, including how to stay safe, common symptoms of the virus and specific resources for Musqueam members and their families.

Musqueam leadership and administration are working together to ensure that our community is prepared and supported during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Musqueam administration office has been closed since the beginning of COVID-19. All but essential staff have been instructed to work from home during regular working hours. Traffic information checkpoints are operating at entrances Musqueam Reserve (IR 2) and access is still limited to Musqueam members, residents, staff and essential services.


COVID-19 updates from Musqueam Indian Band

Check Musqueam’s COVID-19 news page and the official Musqueam Facebook Page for all of the latest COVID-19 updates from Musqueam.

    • Click here for COVID-19 vaccine pre-registration information.
    • Click here to read about COVID-19 how we can apply our Musqueam values to the pandemic.
    • Click here for COVID-19 resources and information links.

Emergency resources for Musqueam members

Musqueam is coordinating our emergency response to COVID-19 on an urgent-needs basis. Our priority is to support the health and safety of our members, especially members within vulnerable populations, and we are providing direct supports when possible (resources and capacity permitting).

If you need support, contact Musqueam Administration and request an essential supplies request form.

Musqueam COVID-19 Hotline — 604-269-3444 — [email protected]

Funds are available to respond to specific needs of families who are eligible for income assistance, disability assistance, medical services or hardship assistance. Eligibility is determined according to criteria set out by the federal and provincial governments.


Current Health Orders in British Columbia

Provincial restrictions are in place to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Some restrictions are made by the Provincial Health Officer (PHO) under the Public Health Act and others are made under the Emergency Program Act (EPA). Most orders can be enforced by police and compliance and enforcement officials.

By order of the PHO, all gatherings and events are suspended to significantly reduce COVID-19 transmission related to social interactions. The order came into effect November 19, 2020 at midnight and will be kept in place until further notice based on direction from the PHO.

No social gatherings of any size at your residence with anyone other than your household or, if you live alone, your core bubble. For most people, their core bubble is their immediate household. An immediate household is a group of people who live in the same residence.

    • Do not invite friends or extended family into your residence or vacation accommodation
    • Do not gather in your backyard, patio, driveway or anywhere else on your property
    • Do not host playdates for children

In order to limit the spread of COVID-19, people should only be visiting restaurants with their household. For people who live alone, this should be with a maximum of two people they regularly interact with (core bubble).

Activities allowed under the order

These activities are not considered a social gathering:

    • Going for a walk or hike. You must make sure a walk or hike does not turn into a group of people meeting outside
    • Parents carpooling kids to and from school
    • Grandparents providing child care
    • Public pools and public skating rinks, when not associated with an event, are allowed to continue to operate with a COVID-19 Safety Plan
Click below links to read more on BC’s website.


Musqueam Health Information

Musqueam Primary Care Clinic: 604-266-0048                  Community Health Nurse: 604-362-9200
HealthLink BC: 8-1-1

If you have COVID-19 symptoms, do not show up unexpectedly to the clinic for testing.

  • First, complete BC’s COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool at to determine if your symptoms could be COVID-19 related.
  • Second, call the Community Health Nurse (604-362-9200) for an in-depth assessment over the phone. The nurse can assist with setting up a test if needed.
  • Call 8-1-1 (HealthLink BC) if you need to speak with someone outside of clinic hours or are unable to reach the nurse.

Contact Musqueam Health to report potential exposure to COVID-19 and immediately isolate. This includes if you feel ill with mild symptoms or have returned home from ANY recent travel.

Covid-19 info documents from Musqueam Health
  1. Musqueam COVID Risk Level Protocol to illustrate Musqueam’s model for assessing risk and implementing health protocols on Musqueam Reserve.
  2. COVID-19 Positive Test Response Protocol for individuals who test positive for COVID-19.

The Primary Care Clinic is open for telehealth appointments for patients of the clinic. Call 604-266-0043 to make an appointment.


Department Contacts for COVID-related inquiries

Musqueam Safety and Security

Patrolling the community from 4pm – 8am, seven days a week.  Receives calls and responds to safety and security concerns from community members and leaseholders.  Currently operating COVID-19 information checkpoints at entries to IR 2.  Manager is on call weekdays from 9am to 5pm.

MIB Safety and Security Patrol – 604-968-8058


Musqueam Social Development

Financial Aid Workers provide financial support to eligible adults and their dependents living on reserve. During COVID-19, additional targeted supports are available to those in need.

Leanne Hensel – [email protected]  //  Michele Point – [email protected] – 778-991-1284

Social Workers support families interacting with provincial authorities (MCFD, Justice, Family Law, etc.) that involve or directly impact Musqueam children and families living on or off reserve.

Terry Carroll, Social Worker – [email protected]

Safehouse – provides temporary housing and wrap around supports for Musqueam children and their families whose immediate safety is at risk.

Christina Campbell, Coordinator – [email protected] – 604-558-4677


Musqueam Employment and Training

Supports Musqueam members seeking employment or training opportunities. Services include: essential skills assessments, job placements, practical supports for members starting a new job (e.g. work gear, tools, transportation, mentorship, childcare subsidy), post-employment supports and counselling, access to training and related supports, and referrals to other community resources.

During COVID-19, staff may also be able to provide some targeted assistance to members if you need help applying for financial assistance.

Terry Sparrow, Interim Manager – [email protected]

Courtney Copoc, Job Coach – [email protected] – 604-916-8579

Joanne Kern, Essential Skills and Mentor Coordinator – [email protected] – 604-369-7660


Musqueam Housing

MIB staff and external contractors / technicians continue to make emergency or urgent house calls only, while ensuring that physical distancing is maintained.  All requests for home repairs or support will be screened and prioritized as they come in.

Emergency or urgent housing repairs: 604-269-3381


Musqueam Public Works

The public works department continues to maintain our community’s physical infrastructure (such as water, sewer, storm drainage, road systems, community buildings and grounds – including our parks and sports fields) with core staff.

Norman Point, Manager, Public Works and Community Infrastructure – [email protected]    604-269-3376

Public Works emergencies / urgent concerns after-hours: 604-841-9295


Musqueam Education

Questions about education support (from kindergarten to post-secondary) or technology support needs (during the school year) can be directed to the Education Department.

Faye Mitchell, Manager – [email protected] – 604-263-3261


Tickets for Violating Public Health Orders

On Friday, Aug. 21, police and other provincial enforcement officers were given the ability to issue $2,000 violation tickets for owners or organizers breaking the provincial health officer’s (PHO) order on gatherings and events.

For individuals, $200 violation tickets can be issued to those not following the direction of police or enforcement staff at events, or who refuse to comply with requests to follow safe operating procedures of a restaurant, bar or other licensed establishment, or respond with abusive behaviour towards employees.

In the first week of these new enforcement measures (Aug. 21-28), 10 violation tickets were issued. This includes six $2,000 violation tickets for contraventions of the PHO’s order on gatherings and events, and four $200 violation tickets issued to individuals.

As of December 16, 2020, the Province has strengthened enforcement of COVID-19 public health orders by:

  • Enhancing safety inspections with increased in-person inspections with WorkSafe BC, specifically in workplaces where COVID-19 transmission is occurring
  • Sending unpaid and overdue COVID-19 violation tickets directly to collections
  • Adding resources to help police and law-enforcement with COVID-19 enforcement

Learn more about the Vancouver Police Department’s approach and how to contact them on the City of Vancouver’s website.

Read BC’s violation tickets information on their website.