Employment & Training

Musqueam's Employment and Training Department objectives include: improving the effectiveness and efficiency of administration; promoting effective employment support for (re)entry into the labour force; promoting culturally appropriate skills development and training programs; and, maximizing programming quality through performance assessments, targets, and improvements.

What We Do

The Employment and Training Department consists of two Job Coaches, an Essential Skills Instructor/Mentor Coordinator, 10 Mentors, an Employment & Training Administrative Assistant, and a Data Entry Clerk, all of whom assist and support our community members seeking employment or training. Our team works with employers and other First Nation service providers to ensure that participants are successful at work by:

  • Providing essential skill assessments to clients
  • Providing post-employment supports and counseling as required
  • Referring people to other resources in the community
  • Providing mediation services between client and employer, feedback, and advocacy for clients
  • Maintaining positive and collaborative relationships with clients that encourage long-term job retention
  • Providing practical support such as transportation to work, work clothes, boots, tools, etc. for up to two-weeks before first pay cheque
  • Working with participants to identify personal and career goals
  • Collaborating with other service providers and connecting participants to various training programs

The Career Development Program aims to support clients in retaining their employment for up to 3 months. The skills training strategy are in areas of trades, tourism, health, business administration, legal, retail trades, hospitality/accommodation, and recreation. The Employment & Training Department is working to promote employment partnerships as part of its commitment to helping the Musqueam people build a strong, healthy, and self-reliant community.


Terry Sparrow, Interim Employment & Training Manager/Job Coach

[email protected]      604-842-6163 


Courtney Copoc, Job Coach

[email protected]      604-916-8579



Joanne Kern, Essential Skills and Mentor Coordinator

604-369-7660      [email protected]



Krista Brisk,Employment & Training Administrative Assistant

[email protected]      236-999-7253


Alicea Bradley,Data Entry Clerk

[email protected]      778-855-4047