tə mem̓ən̓əsʔewtxʷ (The Children's House)

At tə mem̓ən̓əsʔewtxʷ, The Children's House, we support, teach, and care for a diverse group of children who learn, reflect and care for themselves and others as they prepare for their futures. Musqueam culture guides our practices and is incorporated at every opportunity.

What We Do

tə mem̓ən̓əsʔewtxʷ, The Children’s House, is a licensed child care facility, under the Provincial Child Care Regulation, providing top quality child care to Musqueam community families for children between 9 months and 5 years old.

The goals of tə mem̓ən̓əsʔewtxʷ, The Children’s House, are to:

  • Provide the kind of environment and influence that encourages all children to become creative, independent, responsible, self-directed citizens who can make decisions for themselves
  • Enhance the lives of children, their families and the community by providing a safe, caring, supportive and vital community service
  • Provide opportunities to increase the family’s knowledge of their child’s health and development
  • Support families in meeting their responsibilities to their children
  • Connect and work with community agencies, organizations and individuals that are essential to the well-being of each child and family
  • Increase awareness and use of community resources

Contact: Children’s House Supervisor, Renee Stogan – [email protected]


2018 Children’s House Application