Musqueam's Safety and Security Department strives to: improve the effectiveness and efficiency of administration; ensure community confidence and respect; improve relationships; and enhance safety and security.

What We Do

The Musqueam Safety and Security Department is a team of dedicated individuals tasked with building a responsive, reliable and valuable emergency management service for the community. We are responsible for:

• Patrolling the community from 5 pm to 8 am 7 days a week, with a Manager on call during weekdays from 9am to 5pm
• Responding to calls for assistance from community members and leaseholders
• Liaising with the police and other emergency services to ensure an adequate level of respectful, fair, impartial, and culturally sensitive service is delivered at all times
• Protecting property
• Assisting in the removal of derelict vehicles, vessels, hazardous wastes, and dangerous goods
• Reviewing and working to ensure compliance with Musqueam bylaws and reviewing and recording any changes to bylaws
• Supplying and maintaining emergency oxygen, defibrillators, and first aid equipment at critical areas around the community
• Preparing reports on a wide variety of safety and security related subjects
• Working with other Musqueam Departments on other tasks
• Working with outside corporations and government agencies, BC Ambulance, VPD, and Corrections Canada to enhance the safety and well-being of Musqueam


  • MIB Safety and Security Patrol    Tel. (604) 968-8058