Social Development Department

The objectives of Musqueam's Social Development Department are based on the updated priorities of the Musqueam Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP). These objectives include improving our community health and wellbeing, taking pride in our culture, and supporting youth involvement.

What We Do

The role of this team is to assist Musqueam community members to maintain a basic standard of living, and to help develop family strengths and support networks in meaningful, sustaining ways. We achieve this through the following programs in our department:

Family Outreach

Support to individuals, families and program groups who need assistance navigating support and resources for their own wellness and healing, including assistance with transportation to appointments, housing searches, referrals, applications, etc.

Financial Aid

Provide financial support to eligible adults and their dependents living on reserve.

Social Work/Child Welfare Advocacy

Support to work with Provincial authorities (MCFD, Justice, Family Law, etc) that involve or directly impact Musqueam children and families living on or off reserve.

Musqueam Safe House

Offer a 6 bed/staffed temporary placement and support facility for Musqueam children and their families whose immediate safety is at risk. Wrap around supports available to residents.

Family Grief Therapy

Counselling, art and grief therapy offered to Musqueam community children, adults and families individually, or in a group setting by an Indigenous practitioner.

Cultural Programming

Provide programs embedded in Musqueam culture and history – such as art making, canoe journeys, honouring ceremonies, family mediation/conflict resolution, traditional food and medicine preparation and access, cultural activities, family violence prevention projects, Two Spirit programming, intergenerational connection activities (elders/youth together), and so forth.

Assisted Living

Temporary and limited in-home house cleaning services for eligible elderly or mobility challenged community members living on reserve.

Other Help Available

Our department also supports job readiness training/supplies, children’s program enhancements, community safety initiatives, child nutrition programs, staff wellness projects, recreation programs, and summer community activities, as annual funding allows.

For information on violence prevention resources, supports and programs (on an off reserve), read the MIB Drumming Up Courage Resource Manual 2016.


Department Contacts

Terry Carroll , Social Worker                                       [email protected]          604-263-3261

Leanne Hensel, Financial Aid Worker                      [email protected]                     604-263-3261

Christina Campbell, Coordinator, Safe House      [email protected]       604-558-4677

Meghan Hajash, Grief Therapist                                [email protected]                   604-671-1258