The Membership Registrar develops and maintains the Band Registration System. The Registrar is responsible for maintaining the accuracy of the Membership list and ensuring that all vital statistics records are in order. The Membership Registrar also issues Certificate of Indian Status cards (Status Card) to Musqueam members and other registered First Nations people.

Musqueam Membership

Status cards during COVID-19

Musqueam Membership can now issue Certificate of Indian Status (CIS) cards for all Musqueam Indian Band members. Appointments are necessary. Contact Jocelyn for more info.

Jocelyn can also assist members who would like to apply for the new Secure Certificate of Indian Status (SCIS) cards.  All SCIS applications are mailed to the National Processing Unit and take up from two to four months to process. Due to COVID-19, expect delays.


Birth registration during COVID-19

Parents of newborns are reminded to contact Musqueam Membership as soon as possible to register your newborn. Parents who have received the forms from Jocelyn, please return your completed forms immediately. Do not send your application directly to Indigenous Services Canada (ISC).


Health coverage for children

The First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) expanded their health coverage for children in 2019.  They now cover children under their registered parent(s) until they are 24 months old (2 years old), which is up from 18 months.  Also, children under the age of 19 who are eligible for registration can submit requests for health benefits through Jordan’s Principle by contacting 1-855-JP-Child (1-855-572-4453).

  • For more information, visit the Health Benefits News page of FNHA’s website or contact Jocelyn.
  • For priority registration requests, contact Jocelyn for assistance in writing a letter to ISC.


Member contact information

Please update your contact information with Jocelyn if you recently moved.


Contact: Membership Registrar, Jocelyn Campbell-Axson – [email protected], 604-263-3261