Protocol & Communications

Protocol and Communications seek to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Administration; develop and implement communications strategies to inform and engage Musqueam membership and the broader community; initiate and maintain media networks and associated public relations networks; develop public relations opportunities for Musqueam; and ensure Musqueam is represented accurately.

What We Do

  • Protocol facilitates contact with the Musqueam Indian Band and Chief and Council and responds to request for Musqueam representation in the broader community.
  • Communications is responsible for developing and evaluating communications strategies and programs designed to inform Musqueam Indian Band members, employees, and the general public of Musqueam Indian Band initiatives.  We are also responsible for developing and maintaining ongoing communications and information-sharing channels with business, government and other partners.


Key Contacts:

Protocol Coordinator           Mack Paul – [email protected]

Communications Officer           Odette Wilson – [email protected]