Title & Rights

The title and rights department seeks to advance better governance of our Nation; take pride in our culture; protect our environment and conserve natural resources for our use.

What We Do

  • Review, assess, respond: Ensure projects within Musqueam territory include and incorporate Musqueam review and risk assessment processes that use traditional knowledge and uphold our stewardship role to protect our lands and waters
  • Interest-based negotiations: Secure agreements with the Crown and proponents of major projects that could include elements of shared decision-making, capacity, and implementation resources, employment and training, equity, revenue-sharing, and ecosystem restoration
  • Free, Prior, and Informed Consent: Ensure that projects within Musqueam’s territory are not developed without the community’s Free, Prior, and Informed Consent
  • Energy efficiency and alternatives:  Assist Musqueam to develop energy efficiency in capital projects and infrastructure including clean energy options for use by its members, and as a means to support low-carbon energy generation
  • Represent Musqueam at various meetings and venues on issues related to Crown held lands, land claim negotiations, and major development projects
  • Work with Band Council, Band Manager, and legal counsel while attending to day-to-day interaction with outside agencies that impact Musqueam interests
  • Work with Council and community to build a stronger, healthier, self-governing and self-sustaining Musqueam Nation, through ongoing negotiations with the Crown and external organizations


Department Head: Associate Director, Dianne Sparrow