Online index of Musqueam bylaws

These bylaws have been passed by Chief and Council, under the authority of the Indian Act, as local laws governing specific activities within our reserve community. The bylaws apply to everyone present on the reserve, regardless of whether they are a band member or actually live on the reserve.

While we make best efforts to ensure this index is current, it is not the official registry of Musqueam bylaws. In the event of a discrepancy between the online version of a law and the official registry, the official registry will prevail. The official registry of Musqueam bylaws is stored in hard copy at the Band office, and can be accessed by request.

Current bylaws are listed under specific headings in alphabetical order, with their corresponding amendments (if applicable).


Financial Administration

Band Budget Bylaw_1987


Taxation and Assessment

Property Assessment Amendment Bylaw_2016

Property Assessment_Bylaw_1996

Property Taxation Bylaw_1996

Property Taxation Supplemental Bylaw 2009

Rates Bylaw No. 2017-01_2017


Other Bylaws

Animal Control Bylaw_2011

Capital Projects Fund Bylaw_2016

Children’s Curfew Bylaw_1993

Children’s Curfew Bylaw Amendment_1994

Construction of Buildings Bylaw_2010

Dangerous Persons Bylaw_2016

Health and Safety of Rented Residential Property Bylaw_2010

Multiple Suite Building Bylaw_1990

Multiple Suite Building Bylaw Amendment_1990 April

Nuisance Bylaw_2015

Residency Bylaw_1990

Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program Standards Bylaw_1979

Traffic and Street Bylaw_2005

Unsafe Premises Bylaw_2016

Untidy Premises Bylaw_2015

Zoning Bylaw_1970