What is Musqueam 101?

Founded in 2001, Musqueam 101 is a community meal and speaker series for community members that brings together the knowledge of two communities, Musqueam and UBC. Musqueam 101 helps build greater cross-cultural understanding and awareness of Musqueam’s rich cultural and historical legacy. It also provides an opportunity for Musqueam community members to meet educators and participate in the academic culture of UBC. The night begins with a catered meal, and then a guest speaker presents on a subject relevant to the community at Musqueam, or First Nations more generally. Each presentation is followed by a group question period and discussion of that week’s topic. The program is offered to Musqueam community members, their guests, and invited visitors from UBC or other Indigenous communities. There is no registration, so community members can attend as often as they are able.

Where and when is Musqueam 101?

Musqueam 101 is offered from early September to early April. We meet weekly on Wednesday nights, usually at the Band Office Lower Boardroom. Dinner is served at 6:00pm, and presentations begin at 7:00pm. Check the weekly Musqueam Newsletter for details about each session and information about the speaker(s)!

Who speaks at Musqueam 101?

Guest speakers from a wide variety of disciplines and careers join us at 101. For example, we have had visual artists, academics, lawyers, marine biologists, authors, anthropologists, and archeologists join us. Many of our guests have also been filmmakers who present a screening of their latest film or documentary. Some of our presentations are hands on, too!

Who runs Musqueam 101, and how is it made possible?

Hosted by Musqueam, the program is supported in part though an ongoing partnership with the University of British Columbia. Leona Sparrow and other staff from Musqueam’s Intergovernmental  Affairs Division provide guidance, and the current Academic Coordinators from UBC are Dr. Sue Rowley and Dr. Jennifer Kramer. They are assisted by a student coordinator from Musqueam or the university community.

Musqueam 101 can be taken for course credit through UBC, with special permission.