Allyson Fraser


Allyson Fraser has been elected Councillor since December 2001 and has served six consecutive two-year terms. Allyson is the Executive Assistant for the Musqueam Legal/Taxation Department and holds a Para Legal Certification from Capilano University; Budget Based Tax Rate Setting Certification from the First Nations Tax Administrators’ Institute and Property Tax Policy Certification from Simon Fraser University. In administering Tax Policies, she believes in maintaining fair and efficient property tax regimes and ensures our community and the Musqueam Tax Payers alike, receive the maximum benefits. Allyson has a commendable history in working with First Nations, Aboriginal organizations and the Federal Government and her areas of expertise also include Land Management and Indian Registry Reporting.

Allyson has worked as a Regional Technician on the Aboriginal Lands Advisory Board and has also served on several Committees of Council (Housing, Education, Employment & Training, Lands, Public Works and Self-Governance.)

Allyson is a member of the Grant and Point family and takes pride in the Culture and Traditions of the Musqueam people. She has two children and two grandchildren. Over the years, Allyson received foster parenting certification and fostered a number of children.