Musqueam's Education Department seeks to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of administration; maximize personal academic success; and promote inclusive personal development in education.

What We Do

The Musqueam Education Department strives to make a positive difference in the lives of our students. Wherever possible, we integrate Musqueam culture into our programs. We are committed to supporting, teaching, and caring for a diverse group of children, who in turn will learn, reflect, and care for themselves and others as they prepare for their futures. As a department, we are responsible for many important roles, including:

Administering elementary, high school, and post- secondary education, which involves:

Assisting with school placements:

  • Arranging tuition for elementary, high school, post-secondary education
  • Liaising between elementary, secondary, and post-secondary institutions
  • Liaising with the Vancouver School Board, First Nations Education Steering Committee and other organizations


  • Meeting and advising students, cheque processing, daily administrative tasks
  • Liaising with First Nations support workers
  • Providing support to students and parents and liaising between schools and parents

Homework Club:

  • Tutors for elementary and high school
  • Address the learning needs of each unique individual
  • Inspire participation in our youths’ education

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Current Resources for Musqueam Students and Parents

Musqueam Education Department Student Awards

Awards are now available for Musqueam high school students!

Grade 12 graduates

If you graduated this past June, please submit your Dogwood Diploma and BC Ministry of Education transcripts to the education department to receive your award.

Grade 8 – 11 students

The top academic student in each grade will receive an award. Please submit your final report card to the education department.


Musqueam Education Department Contacts

Faye Mitchell, Education Manager – [email protected]

Lucetta George-Grant, Learning Facilitator – [email protected]

Debbie Point, Education Assistant [email protected]